Donate to the TaSH!

Thank you for your support! To donate to our thriving community, and to keep all our great programs going, please donate to the TaSH! We are currently running our 2019 Crowdfunding campaign through June 9! Click below to find out why donations matter and to support the market!

Along with our community partners, we have annually been able to make a meaningful impact on giving back. For example, in the past we’ve:

  • Donated thousands of meals to Westchester families in need;

  • Recycled and removed more than 2,500 pounds of old clothing from the waste stream; and

  • Distributed $10,000 tokens annually to low-income residents in our towns.

  • We’ve hosted dozens of musical acts, childrens' activities, and community organizations at the market.

Please support us so we can continue and expand these amazing programs! To learn more, visit our local impact page.